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Amplify your voice. Unlock opportunities.

Personal Branding, Ghostwriting, Thought Leadership, and Social Media for Top-Tier C-suite Executives

Most executives are completely unknown outside of their company.

Customers and career opportunities can't find you if they don't know you exist.

As an executive, having a digital footprint is no longer an optional luxury. A cohesive personal brand is a necessity for both personal and company growth.

Your personal brand is more than a catchy bio. It's about demonstrating thought leadership, influencing your industry, and cementing your reputation in an increasingly virtual business landscape.


When you don't have a strong online presence, every day you're missing the opportunity to engage with prospective customers, attract talent, and benefit from personal career opportunities.

Trying to DIY your brand and communications without the right resources or expertise is time-consuming and frustrating. Delegating it out to content farms gets you the same generic, superficial content they give their other customers. And most ghostwriters don't have valuable experience writing in the nuanced voice of a C-suite executive. 

Now, there's finally a way to get a personal brand that's really you.

At Astra Consulting Services, we believe you deserve a strong, strategic, and authentic personal brand. So, we craft your unique personal brand, create quality content, deliver it to your target audience, and amplify it to make a memorable impact.


You get a personal brand that’s as dynamic and influential as your leadership. 

It's your authentic self, amplified.

Our 3-Step Brand Evolution Blueprint



Brand Development

Crystallize your brand to ensure consistency, making your message more powerful and influential

Research & Development


Executive Branding



Thought Leadership

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Ghostwriting for

  • op-eds & bylines

  • keynote speeches

  • blogs & newsletters

  • internal communications

Leverage reputable publications to build credibility with your audience and position yourself as the go-to expert



Social Media Management

Meet your stakeholders where they are to build trust, rapport, and influence 

Content Creation


Audience Building

How We Do It


Leverage cutting-edge tools for better research and more efficient workflows

Fully Integrated

Develop a cohesive brand narrative across all platforms and communication points

Data Informed

Closely track the data and metrics that matter to make smarter decisions, quicker


Guided by years of experience in executive branding and executive communications

Client First

Prioritize your unique goals, apsirations, and areas of expertise

Defined Process

Follow a proven 6-Phase process for streamlined structure

Image by Austin Distel

Bespoke personal brands

for C-suite executives.

You know that having a strong, active personal brand is the key to capturing new customers, attracting a stellar team, and unlocking career opportunities. And yet, finding the time and expertise to build and maintain it amidst your multitude of responsibilities can be challenging. 

We believe that no top-tier executive should be limited by a lack of online presence. That's why we specialize in creating and amplifying bespoke personal brands tailored to C-suite executives. 

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